Wicked Highland Ways
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Wicked Highland Ways







Wicked Highland Ways

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There are many twist and turns to hold your interest throughout the entire book.


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Wicked Highland Ways eBook by Mary Wine - 9781492655589

Very well written and enticing story, I had a hard time putting it down! Die Tanzerin I found Wicked Highland Ways to be a superb addition and a great finale to a series that has taken in some unique directions that I never expected when I started with book one. Die Prinzipien des Erfolgs When the king orders her to marry the En 3. Our heroine Brenda Grant is a fiery highland lass.Wicked Highland Ways is the 6th and last in this series of powerful highland men and their feisty women folk.

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With danger closing in, their only chance at love and survival is to escape to the heart of the Highlands...He was only after her dowry which was land. Instead, he gets Helen Grant... Well, that revenge with help from karma and the spirit world teach this handsome knucklehead you better be careful what you wish for.

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When the young king decrees her to be wed again to another deceitful, defrauding poseur, a charlatan Galwell Scrope. He wants Brenda for his own because of her tenacity, strength and courage. Begegnung im Gesprach They have to be strong, not get in their own way, challenging themselves to fight for what they deserve together.Now he hears the young boy Scottish King just wants to please his best friend and favorite.

Wicked Highland Ways (Highland Weddings, #6) by Mary Wine

He was a patient man with a teasing sense of humor. Brenda Grant, who we met in the last book, is a widow on her way to England to enter into a second unwanted marriage. Nicht verhandelbar Finnan believes Jeannie tricked and deceived his friend Geordie plus caused his death.All the books do connect via the same character set and world-building, I do believe it would be a richer experience, with a deeper connection to the characters, if the series is read in order.